Why You Should Get a Handyman for Your Business

Does your business need handyman services or a contractor? There are differences between the two, and needing one does not necessarily mean you need the other.


The first thing you need to remember is that handymen are generalists, while contractors tend to be specialists. Plumbing and electrical work require a licensed professional, and not all handymen have those credentials. On the other hand, a contract specialist would have that paperwork ready.


If you have a task that needs a license, default to picking a contractor over a handyman.


Time is also a factor. Renovations or extensive changes, or anything that requires multiple people and machines on-site, need a contractor’s license. Just having a crew of handymen present won’t work, if you’re looking at it from a legal perspective.


However, your standard handyman is good for any smaller projects. Anything that doesn’t require a license, you can hand off to your regular handyman.


A remodelling contractor and handyman are usually not that different, regarding ability. Both of them do the same things, have the same skills and tools. However, a contractor works with a bigger scope and size of a project than a handyman. A handyman fixes a leak. A contractor replaces the piping in a room.


If your business needs a remodelling done or has a larger project in mind, one that requires coordination between different specialities, you’ll need a contractor.


However, do note that many companies offer both services. A handyman might also double as a contractor, or a contractor company might provide handymen for smaller projects. If your business has a handyman company on retainer, ask them if they also have contractors.


You never know. It could spare you time and money by asking your current provider.


In general, your handyman will charge by the day or hour. Getting a contract on a single-worker small project is much more expensive, even if the work doesn’t require a license.


One fundamental difference between a handyman and a contractor is where their versatility lies.


A handyman is exposed to different challenges daily. These minor tasks force them to think on their feet and become better at small things. This is ideal for repair work or other projects, but it means they have no experience in handling a large-scale thing like a remodel or rewiring.


In contrast, a contractor is better at managing larger tasks.


The challenges that a contractor’s faces are bigger in scale, and usually more than just a minor nuisance. While small details aren’t their expertise, they can be very flexible when dealing with more significant problems or structural issues.


If your handyman doesn’t do contractor work., then you’ll have to do some looking around. This can be difficult, but not impossible. A handyman might be able to provide a referral. The internet can help you find resources and possibilities.


Whatever you do, make sure you shop around and have more than one option. Different contracts can make different bids, and you can choose which offer works best for your goal.

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