How to measure and install vertical window blinds


Vertical window blinds are a great choice for certain rooms in your home, including the bedroom, living room and kitchen, as they provide great versatility and control with a pleasing aesthetic design. Here we discuss the best way to measure for and install vertical blinds in your home.


Vertical blinds will either run from the top of your window down to the bottom of your window or as far as the floor. The window blinds can be installed on the inside of the window frame or on the exterior of the window frame, depending on the window style. The latter would put the blinds on the top of the window but on the outer edge of the wood.


When measuring for your blinds you should measure from where you want to install them. If you are putting the blinds up on the inside of the window frame, you will measure on the inside of the window and if you are putting the blinds up on the outside of the frame, you will need to measure from that point.


If your window is 60″ wide and 40″ long – or tall if you prefer – then if you are putting the blinds up on the inside of the casing, you most likely are going to need 58 or 59″ across and 39″ long. This will depend on the thickness of your window frames and the trim on the window. If, however, you have decided to put the vertical blinds on the exterior of the frame above the window you are going to need wider and longer blinds, likely about 62″ or 64″ wide, and will measure about 44″ long.


You’ll need to decide whether or not you want to see the window frame and whether or not you want the blinds to reach the bottom of the window, the frame or right to the floor and adjust accordingly. Some people like to cover only the window area of their window with the blind and this is OK if you are measuring the interior or the exterior areas of your window frame. If you want to have the vertical blinds put on the inside of the frame though, it will be impossible to have your window blinds longer than the window as they will end up sticking out and looking ridiculous.


Check to see if anything is going to get in the way of your blinds once they are hanging. This could be a piece of furniture for example. If it is, consider reducing the length of your window blinds or rearranging your furniture to allow for the length you want.


Now you have your measurements, draw them out on a piece of paper to make doubly sure they are exactly as you want them. If you’re happy you are ready to go ahead and have your blinds made.


It is rare that you will be able to find vertical blinds of the width and length you require a ready-made, so you’ll need to find a window blind company to make them for you. The will also very likely install the blinds for you, saving that trouble.


If you don’t want to go to that expense, however, it is perfectly possible for you to adjust blinds and install them yourself, though you should read up on how to do so first!

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