Dressing up A Window Without Breaking the Bank

You could have moved. You brought your old draperies with you, nonetheless they do not fit. Hang the too long draperies or curtains and pull them up through a rubber band building a bag. Tie a bows over the rubber group. You are able to put a larger rod and extend the draperies beyond the windowpane if the draperies are too wide. Let’s do a little bit of window care.

Window hues are inexpensive and you will sauce fabric on them, or paint them to give your window an unique look. Put a valance at the top and you have a custom look that is affordable.

Flatten your boxes and place them in the windows to give you level of privacy until you get window blinds, shades or curtains up.

Tension rods work well on normal size glass windows and can be installed easily and quickly without using screw or fingernails or toenails or tools! A very shower curtain rod can serve just as well in your window with wide pocket curtains or round drapery hooks.

You might have hung the draperies or curtains and they look drab to you personally. Add a valance and some link backs in a different color to spruce up your windows. Make sure the hooks for your tie backs is concealed behind the curtain, and let the curtains hang up in a rounded course to the tie back again, rather than straight.

Consider a panel or piece or some fabric and make a poor young man swag. Install a post rod and hang your material in swags across the pole.

Embellish curtains or curtains with perimeter or a band near to the hem. Is the space above the rod pocket or purse limp? Try spray starch and make it stand up. Sew buttons on top of panels, and make tabs that corner the pole with button holes to give your tired drapes a little pick up.

You may hang up a favorite poster, or fabric art from the best of your window blinds, attaching it to the blind with paper videos or drapery hooks.

Produce accordions out of cartel board, folding evenly by using a yardstick, and stand them in your windows. This kind of treatment especially works well in a child’s room. You can put a valance or short window curtain at the top of the window in a matching or contrasting color.

Do you have a wooden cornice that appears slightly tired after years of crowning your home window? Cover it with cloth. All you need is some quilt batting and a staple gun and you ought to have a beautiful new cornice one afternoon! Maybe you purchased a new settee and a store will order you additional fabric to match it, or you might have saved a sofa but discarded a matching seat. Make use of the fabric from the chair to cover your cornices.

Will you be tired of trying to get the streaks away when washing those home windows? Use hydrogen peroxide and you will have no streaks.


Have a great time and be creative when putting on a costume a window.

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