Damage the Sun Can Do

The sun is the source of life. From ancient cultures to modern science, people have been fascinated by the power, majesty, and life-giving presence of the sun. However, too much of a good thing can hurt you and your home. Sometimes, you want to keep the sun out of your home interior.

If you’re not sure you should do that, here are some good reasons to invest in blinds or curtains.

First, even through windows, the sun can cause colours to fade. While most people don’t paint their floors, some people do paint their walls. Intense sunlight may not fade the colours as fast as the paint on the exterior, but it does wear them down.

Anything with colours might be faded by having too much light. This includes furniture and décor, or basically anything that gets too exposed. A window can only provide so much protection.

Another reason to block out the sun is heat. It’s known that if too much sun gets in, it gets too hot. The heat might damage some materials or make a room uncomfortable. Sure, you want to get a lot of light for some rooms or activities, but too much can hurt.

Too much light can also be a medical problem. Scientific studies have found that UV radiation can still get through windows, still cause harm even if you’re indoors.

Wrinkles around and under the eyes can become worse due to excess sunlight, even indoors. The light can also cause damage due to skin conditions. This is particularly true for windows that don’t have tinting or filtering. Chronic exposure to UV radiation can accelerate the ageing process for the skin.

Finally, a room might not benefit from having too much light. Sometimes, you want the room to be darker, for one reason or another. Blinds can help filter out the excess sun, so you can set the ambience you want.

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