Choosing Your Blinds

When buying blinds, it looks simple. Buy something you like, have the shop install it for you, and get the benefits. Except this isn’t all that simple. The broad strokes are right, but the general strokes of any endeavour are simple. It’s the details that can cause people to trip.

First, you want to decide on something like the design and materials. Each one offers its benefits.

Roller blinds offer limited control, for example. They can block light out entirely, but it’s hard to get any degree of nuance to the lighting. Venetian blinds can be harder to clean, but you get more control over how much light seeps in.

Materials also matter. Vinyl is more durable and usually easier to clean but can be more expensive. Wood and faux wood are good choices and make for lovely aesthetic ways to “frame” a window, but the price and some aspects of maintenance can drive people away.

Fortunately, you can mix and match. You can use wood for vertical blinds, for instance. Rollers are an exception, though, since your range of materials is limited by design.

You should also consider the design of the room.

Rooms with short windows tend to look better with horizontal blinds. A room with a high ceiling often benefits from Venetian blinds. Elegant and well-appointed carpeting and furniture usually require more class than fabric-based blinds offer, so you’ll want wood or something similar.

Finally, consider the rest of the room. Things like décor and colours should be considered.

What if you get blinds that clash with the ambience of the room? Gaudy and colourful screens might get in the way of the minimalist feel you’re going for. Dark colours might not work well for a place where you want people to feel relaxed and at ease.

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