Renovating the Public Bathroom

People generally dislike using public bathrooms. There’s a perception that they’re dirty, that you’re getting mixed in with other people’s waste. While this can be true, a regularly-cleaned and well-maintained public bathroom is as clean as one in people’s homes.   At times, the problem with the public bathroom is more about what the person […]

The best pets to have in our homes for summer  

  Ok Ok, I guess you’re not thinking what am thinking?! Funny, huh? We don’t need to cast lots anymore. Anytime, any day, the best pets for summer remains our only holy baby friends – cats and dogs. Oh yeah! They are, not only for me, but for anyone who would want pets for summer. […]

Why You Should Get a Handyman for Your Business

Does your business need handyman services or a contractor? There are differences between the two, and needing one does not necessarily mean you need the other.   The first thing you need to remember is that handymen are generalists, while contractors tend to be specialists. Plumbing and electrical work require a licensed professional, and not […]

How to measure and install vertical window blinds

  Vertical window blinds are a great choice for certain rooms in your home, including the bedroom, living room and kitchen, as they provide great versatility and control with a pleasing aesthetic design. Here we discuss the best way to measure for and install vertical blinds in your home.   Vertical blinds will either run […]

Annual Boiler Maintenance Winter Advice

  With winter just around the corner now is a good time to arrange the annual boiler maintenance. There is nothing worst than finding yourself with no heating and hot water on the coldest day of the year, this is always the day the boiler decides to stop working, and you and you’re left in […]

How To Keep Pets Comfortable in Summer

  Summer is coming. Or already here, depending on where you are. With it comes, even more, heat and the need to keep yourself and your pets cool. Here’s some advice on how to make sure your pets are comfortable in the hottest parts of the year. It goes beyond just dog beds Perth, you […]

Damage the Sun Can Do

The sun is the source of life. From ancient cultures to modern science, people have been fascinated by the power, majesty, and life-giving presence of the sun. However, too much of a good thing can hurt you and your home. Sometimes, you want to keep the sun out of your home interior. If you’re not […]

Choosing Your Blinds

When buying blinds, it looks simple. Buy something you like, have the shop install it for you, and get the benefits. Except this isn’t all that simple. The broad strokes are right, but the general strokes of any endeavour are simple. It’s the details that can cause people to trip. First, you want to decide […]

Why A Clean Gutter is Important for a Great Home

Gutter cleaning should be an important part of your home exterior maintenance plan. Late October and almost all of November is a wonderful time to have the gutter system cleaned. Pine needles, leaves, and shingle decay all add up to a roof drainage system packed with debris. The gutter area is hidden from view and […]

Blocking the Sun For Your Home

I like to think my home if it had feelings, would have a love-hate relationship with the sun. On the one hand, it’s the best source of natural light out there. You are never going to get a better source of light than that big ball of fire in the sky. Plus, with the solar […]

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